Element DAO's Hyperdrive deployment is officially live on Mainnet!

Element DAO's Hyperdrive deployment is officially live on Mainnet!


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The first Hyperdrive deployment has officially been released to Ethereum Mainnet with Element DAO!

After over a year of research and development and a successful testnet launch, we are beyond thrilled to announce that Element DAO's Hyperdrive instance is now live. This is a big moment for everyone involved, and it's terrific to be able to welcome the world to choose their yield path with Hyperdrive.

  • Element DAO’s Hyperdrive smart contract addresses can be found here.
  • DELV's Hyperdrive UI can be accessed here. Others may create their own UIs for Hyperdrive.
  • Technical documentation, guides, and audit reports can be found here.
  • Hyperdrive’s open source code base can be found here.

Initial Yield Sources and Markets

Element DAO’s Hyperdrive instance will initially support 6-month stETH and sDAI pools.

We plan to follow up with a proposal to add more yield sources and further chain deployments to the Element DAO. Follow our announcements closely on Twitter or Discord.

Positions You Can Take

DELV’s Hyperdrive Interface (app.hyperdrive.box)

Note: DELV will not be providing access, through its UI or otherwise, to Hyperdrive in certain jurisdictions (including the U.S.).

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We’re humbled and grateful for the hard work of our phenomenal DELV team, and the encouragement of all of our supporters and users. And we’re excited for this next chapter, and for what’s to follow. So buckle up and stay tuned!


The DELV Team