Hyperdrive Testnet is Live!

Hyperdrive Testnet is Live!


We are excited to announce the release of the Hyperdrive testnet! This marks an important milestone towards enhancing DeFi yield markets for the world.

TL;DR - Hyperdrive Testnet is live for you to kick the tires on!

  1. If you missed it, check out the Hyperdrive Introduction post and Whitepaper.
  2. Try out Hyperdrive on Sepolia Testnet here: testnet.hyperdrive.trade

Sepolia stETH and sDAI/DAI Faucet are also available within the Hyperdrive UI

With the help of your feedback, you can expect us to make improvements to the code in advance of a potential mainnet launch, and so we invite you to share your comments and ideas with us to help make an impact!

About Hyperdrive

Hyperdrive is a new AMM protocol featuring a novel pricing mechanism for fixed and variable yield positions. In addition to terms on demand, its mechanism design enables a more efficient and symmetrical yield market.

To learn more about Hyperdrive, visit: "Introducing the Hyperdrive Protocol: Fixed and Variable Rates, Reimagined”.

Source Code

As mentioned in our Security Roadmap Update, the Hyperdrive Protocol’s code is open source along with the following Hyperdrive product-related codebases:

Protocol: https://github.com/delvtech/hyperdrive
Contains all smart contracts of the Hyperdrive Protocol.
Frontend: https://github.com/delvtech/hyperdrive-frontend
Contains a TypeScript monorepo of apps and packages for integrating and interacting with Hyperdrive.
Bindings: https://github.com/delvtech/hyperdrive-bindings
Contains hyperdrivepy and hyperdrive-wasm (Rust-powered Python and WASM packages) for simulating the Hyperdrive AMM.
Agent0: https://github.com/delvtech/agent0
Contains general purpose code for interacting with Ethereum smart contracts (built for the primary use case of trading on Hyperdrive markets).
Infrastructure: https://github.com/delvtech/hyperdrive-infra
Contains all infrastructure related to Hyperdrive within a single docker compose app.


The docs portal covers everything you need to know about Hyperdrive’s fundamentals, smart contracts, SDKs, bots, and more. Visit the Docs Hub here.

Also see: Docs Announcement on X

Element DAO Testnet Deployment Details

Thrilled to invite developers, users, and the broader crypto community to test out Element DAO’s testnet deployment of Hyperdrive!

This is the first-ever opportunity to explore features and functionalities Hyperdrive introduces in a risk-free environment and provide valuable feedback to help improve the protocol before a potential mainnet launch.

Supported Assets and Markets

The deployment is starting with a handful of familiar, reputable yield sources you’ll recognize:

How to Participate

To start test driving Hyperdrive on testnet, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Testnet platform at testnet.hyperdrive.trade
  2. Connect your Ethereum wallet to the testnet platform
  3. Explore the long, short, and LP functionalities of Hyperdrive
  4. Provide feedback and suggestions via our community channels
  5. Read through the documentation
  6. Look through the codebase on GitHub
  7. Provide feedback and discuss ideas in the Element DAO Discord
  8. Participate in research discussions on the Forum

Positions You Can Take

The three mechanisms below allow you and other users to craft interesting trading strategies (such as borrow rate hedging and rates arbitraging):

Fixed Rates:

    • Open and close Longs for stETH and sDAI markets. ****
    • Longs earn a fixed rate. Deposit assets today and get an agreed-upon future value, calculated by Hyperdrive's novel pricing model.

Variable Rates:

    • Open and close Shorts for stETH and sDAI markets.
    • Shorts pay the market fixed rate upfront as margin and earn variable yield (e.g. from the DSR or Lido’s ETH staking) on the full capital the margin is backing.

Provide Liquidity:

    • Add and remove Liquidity from stETH and sDAI markets.
    • LPs deposit single-sided liquidity into Hyperdrive. LP funds are collectively utilized to take the other side of traders’ respective Longs and Shorts resulting in profit/loss, so they get more variable yield when users Long, and less variable yield when users Short.

Guides, Walkthroughs and Resources

UI Walkthrough Guides: Longs | Shorts | LP

Hyperdrive Sepolia Testnet Deployment Details & Parameters (Element DAO): List of deployed smart contracts can be found here.



Join the #testnet channel on the Element DAO Discord to leave your feedback. See the Terms of Service for how your feedback is used.

We hope you are as excited about this as we are! Additional Testnet details can be found below.

Note: To be clear, as with most testnet environments, users will not be staking, trading, or investing actual funds, and therefore will not gain or lose when participating in this testnet. Furthermore, this is just one instantiation of Hyperdrive; the Element DAO has been given use over this specific testnet factory. The software remains open source, and DELV may assist with other Hyperdrive deployments for others in the future.

Hyperdrive Hub and Hyperdrive Trading UI



The Hyperdrive Testnet App: https://testnet.hyperdrive.trade

Next Steps

This is a big moment for everyone involved, and it's terrific to be able to welcome the community to join in testing and building with this iteration of Hyperdrive.

With testnet deployed, we will closely monitor user feedback and make adjustments to get Hyperdrive ready for a possible mainnet launch. Stay tuned for updates and announcements as we continue to iterate and improve the protocol.

Here’s what you can expect over the next few weeks from us:

  • Actively discussing Hyperdrive with the DeFi community
  • Releasing further content and guides delving into the Hyperdrive Testnet
  • Releasing the Block Analitica Analytics Dashboard
  • Releasing Hyperdrive Security Roadmap Update #2 (Follow up Spearbit Hyperdrive Audit and the Bug Bounty Program)
  • Incorporating feedback received from the Hyperdrive Testnet (UI, Docs, Code, etc.)

Join the DELV Community

Connect with us to stay updated on the latest news and developments:

Stay tuned for more updates and join us as a user, integrator, builder, or supporter as we gear up for the next launch!


The DELV Team