Who we are. What we do. Why we do it.

Who we are. What we do. Why we do it.

We believe in staying at the forefront of innovation and always experimenting, so we've created a new brand identity to reflect our vision and values.


It all began with an open-source protocol for fixed and variable yield markets, originally called Element. The time to govern then came with Council – a decentralized governance system and a suite of tools that allows a community to deploy and manage a DAO. With Council in place, on March 31, 2022, the team would relinquish control of the Element Protocol to the community with the creation of Element DAO.

The lore of the Element DAO was born with Elfiverse – an endeavor to intersect the DeFi and NFT worlds while catalyzing network effects and community building. Elfiverse pushes the boundaries of on-chain governance allowing communities to look beyond the 1-token-1-vote system, driving inclusive governance participation for all.

And then we had a research breakthrough…

Hyperdrive is a new AMM and a natural progression from what Element Protocol introduced. It is the next research leap from our team on variable and fixed rate primitives. No preset expiration dates, no fragmented liquidity, and no LP rollovers, aka everlasting liquidity.

In order to test and validate Hyperdrive, we built Agent_0, a data simulation framework. It allows us to build bots and to graph/stress test against all scenarios. Further, we’re beginning to introduce ML to further this research endeavor.

With Council, there was a new way to create adaptable governance systems and the tools to manage DAOs, but no way to host decentralized infrastructure.

Echo was born.

Echo is a new p2p protocol zeroing in on the browser layer, allowing any visitor of a web3 application to peer/host infrastructure needed to power the application. This allows for decentralized frontends and data sources, removing the need for centralized infrastructure providers. Echo enables a world where truly decentralized protocols and DAOs can exist.

Bringing this all together, we’re dedicated to building a complete suite for decentralized finance.

First of all, why DELV?

Delve is a word that conjures up images of exploration, excavation, and discovery. It implies a deep and thorough investigation, a journey into the unknown in search of hidden treasures and insights. For a research organization, there could be no better descriptor than Delve - it speaks to the very essence of what we do. We delve into the complexities of decentralization, exploring new frontiers of knowledge and understanding. We excavate data, sift through information, and analyze findings in pursuit of the truth.


DELV is a hub for creativity, collaboration, and experimentation.


We’re a team of researchers building the complete suite of decentralized finance. From core infrastructure to structured products, our protocols work together to help create and usher in the new financial system.