How to get crvSTETH

How to get crvSTETH

We’re launching our third asset, crvSTETH, on July 13. If you don’t know how to get crvSTETH, read this step-by-step guide.

The crvSTETH underlying Yearn vault is currently netting ~4.8% APY. crvSTETH gives 1/2 exposure to ETH and 1/2 exposure to stETH.

If you mint and provide liquidity in the new Element crvSTETH term, you will have exposure to the underlying vault APY, trading fees for the principal and yield token pools, and receive Curve’s trading fees from the STETH pool.

Supported Terms

We will be initially supporting a 90-day crvSTETH term and depending on demand, we may launch a subsequent term of a different length.

To stay updated on the latest assets that get onboarded to Element we recommend you follow our announcements closely on Twitter or Discord to be prepared for our upcoming asset launches.

Getting crvSTETH

To start, you will first want to get the crvSTETH LP asset. To do so, you have the option to either use Curve directly or Zapper. You can deposit ETH or stETH to receive crvSTETH from Curve.

Although you can deposit regular ETH to get crvSTETH, if you would like to deposit stETH instead but do not have any, follow this guide: Staking Ethereum With Lido. After you get your stETH, come back here and follow the remaining steps on this page to get your crvSTETH.

Getting crvSTETH with Zapper

Follow this link, and then select your input asset to get crvSTETH.

Getting crvSTETH with Curve

  1. Head to
  2. Select steth from the dropdown.

3. Select Deposit from the top navbar.

4. Choose the amount of ETH or stETH you’d like to input, then select Deposit and proceed to confirm the transaction.

Providing Liquidity on Element

Once you have the crvSTETH token in your wallet, you can now mint and provide liquidity in Element. For more detailed instructions on minting and providing liquidity on Element, you can follow the guide we provided for crvLUSD here.

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